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Hen House is closing the gender gap in music production roles through opportunities, acknowledgment, and empowerment to female audio engineers, photographers, videographers, and musicians.


The Annenberg Foundation conducted a study researching gender diversity within the music industry and uncovered some staggering numbers:

In the study (of 600 popular songs), females accounted for only 16.8% of artists in 2017.

The ratio of male to female producers across 300 popular songs in the study was 49:1. It's estimated that females account for only 5% of producers in Nashville. 

Women account for only 17% of Billboard's Power 100 List, and only one woman made the Top 10. 

The study showed that the top male songwriter (Max Martin) has 35 credits, while the top woman (Nicki Minaj) has 15 songwriting credits across 600 popular songs from 2012-2017.

Think of what you wanted to be when you were a little kid. You probably wanted to become your favorite basketball player, or a scientist, a chef, an astronaut, or a famous singer…

These role models are so important because if you see someone like you in a role, you'll believe that you can do it, too.

Only 2% of all audio engineers are female and 20% of film producers are female. This lack of role models for girls leads to less womxn in the fields, creating an ongoing cycle;


Hen House exists to break that cycle.


Hen is a Swedish, genderless pronoun that represents our idealism of equality in the music industry that we are striving for through our three components of HEN:


  • We showcase our mission by putting on shows entirely run and produced by females and Highlight the talented womxn working it


  • We Empower young womxn to pursue the field by providing role models, education, & mentorship programs


  • Provide a supportive network to help womxn Navigate the industry and increase involvement

Meet The Team!

Grace is a singer-songwriter, ultimate frisbee player, avid music fan, and Music Business student originally hailing from Milton, MA and now residing in Nashville. She enjoys attending as many shows as she can, advocating for females in the industry, writing and playing music, and hearing stories from all the cool people she gets to meet! Hen House is the product of her love for music and social change, and her goal is to always use her passions to make a difference where it’s needed.

Grace O'Shea


Claire Bidigare-Curtis


Claire is a freelance mixing engineer and producer, a professional ultimate frisbee player, and is a super fan of her sweet dog, Korra.  Originally from Granville, Ohio, she came to Nashville to pursue a life full of growth and music and continued to graduate from Belmont University in Audio Engineering in 2019. From a young age she has been passionate about womxn’s rights’ and combines that with her love for audio and music, through the making of Hen House.

Kaitlin Barnett

Production Manager

Kaitlin is a freelance sound designer, audio engineer, theatre lover, and nature enthusiast now living in the Nashville area. She is originally from Butler, PA and moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University where she graduated with an audio engineering degree and theatre minor in 2019. Now post grad, Kaitlin is enjoying her time professionally sound designing and looking forward to growing with Hen House and continuing to support and empower womxn in production and music. 

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